Ring Repair*

Sizing, gold: 

Ladies, Smaller: $31.00 and  up

Ladies, Larger 1 Size: $36.00 and up

Each Additional size: $10.00

Gents, Smaller: $36.00 and up

Gents, Larger 1 size: $41.00 and up

Each additional size: $12.00

Ladies Platinum, Smaller:

$60.00 and up

Ladies Platinum, Larger one size: $84.00 and up

Solder Two rings together: $30.00

Retip Prongs:

One prong:$18.00

Each additional prong: $15.00

New Shanks:


Half 10K: $90.00 and up

Half 14K: $102.00 and up

Whole 14K: $150.00 and up


Half 10K: $90.00 and up

Half 14K: $150.00 and up

Ring Guards:

Ladies: $5.00

Gents: $5.50

Jumbo: $6.50

Class Rings: $6.50

Eye Glass Repair: $25.00-$30.00

Allyns Jewelers in Ironton

Our Services

Minimum Service Charge: $5.00

*Prices are an estimated starting point and do not include tax or shipping.

Watch Repair*

Complete Overhaul: Starting at $60.00

New Crown: Starting at $50.00

New Stem: Starting at $40.00

New Crystal: Starting at $25.00

Pocket watch repair: Starting at $85.00

Rolex Repairs: Starting at $250.00

All services are guaranteed provided that the watch does not become rusty, is tampered with, or in any way abused. 


Batteries range from $8.00-$10.00 depending on the battery type

Watch Bands:

With a wide variety of bands priced $5.00 and up, Allyn's is a one stop shop!

Jewelry Repair*

Repair Break in Bracelet or Chain: Starting at $20.00

Build up Bracelet or Chain :

Starting at $30.00

Add Clasp or jumpring :

Starting at $10.00

Restring Pearls:

Starting at $40.00

Solder Jewelry: 

Starting at $20.00

Allyn's is not responsible for any repairs left over Sixty (60) days.

We take pride in our work, we aim for our repairs to look like new when repaired!